At Medical Dermatology Specialists, we feel it’s important to stay up-to-date not only in our research and study of skin diseases, but also in our methods of treatment.

Biometric Fingerprint Readers
Biometric fingerprint readers provide additional security for patient’s medical records. This ensures that patient’s information is treated with the highest level of security within our office.

Electronic Medical Records
Medical Dermatology Specialists utilizes electronic medical records to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. Electronic medical records ensure that charts don’t get lost or sent to storage, lab results get processed faster, and prescriptions are tracked and drug interactions are detected automatically.

Electronic Prescriptions
We also utilize electronic prescribing for participating pharmacies. This helps reduce medical errors and reduce the need for pharmacy callbacks with legible, printed prescriptions that are pre-checked for formulary coverage. Patients can conveniently pick up their prescriptions without worrying about many typical prescription challenges.

Light Therapy (UV) Box
Phototherapy or light therapy is one technology that helps us treat a variety of skin conditions with the use of ultraviolet light. We often use phototherapy for patient with psoriasis, eczema or chronic dermatitis. While phototherapy has been used for decades, the equipment continues to improve.

Our phototherapy capabilities include:

  • Narrowband UVB (311 nm)
  • Total body PUVA (a combination of the drug psoralen (P) and long-wave ultraviolet radiation (UVA))

Photo Documentation
Photo documentation is used to allow the physicians to capture and document patients skin disease progression as well as an enhancement tool for monitoring patients aesthetic achievements.