Inside MDS

The Medical Dermatology Specialists (MDS) office was created with the patient and the environment in mind. We created a circular floor plan so that patients enter in one door, check in with the receptionist, move on to the treatment rooms, and exit through an alternate door. This provides a feeling of security and privacy and makes it easy for a first-time patient to easily find their way around the office.

Another exceptional part of our design is that we used environmentally friendly products everywhere possible. These are some of the choices we made for sustainability:

Cork – Our beautiful sand-colored floors are made from cork, which is a renewable resource. Cork comes from the bark of trees. Every couple of years, bark is carefully removed by hand as to not injure the tree, and it naturally grows back. Nothing is harmed in the process.

Recycled Glass – It’s hard not to notice the striking countertops at our check-in, check-out, and medical assistant’s station. That’s because they are made from recycled glass by Vetrazzo. We are still amazed that Vetrazzo can take decommissioned traffic lights, windshields, used bottles, and plate glass windows and turn them into something so beautiful!

Recycled Foam – Some of the chairs in our office are made of recycled foam. On the outside they look just like normal chairs but on the inside, the foam is on its second life but just as good as new.

Electronic Medical Records – To minimize wasted paper used in the maintenance of paper records we invested in an electronic medical records system.

Recycled Paper and Plastic Products – We use recycled paper and plastic products whenever recycled versions are available.

We Recycle – In our office there are receptacles available for visitors to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Non-toxic Cleansers – We utilize non-toxic cleaners made of organic products effective in creating an aseptic environment. These products are less damaging to our environment.

When you visit MDS, we hope you feel well cared for. By showing our commitment to your patient experience and the earth, we hope you see that our attention to small details can make a big difference in your quality of life and the earth’s.

MDS’ interior was designed by Wendy Ackerman of Ackerman Art and Design.